Office Salad Club

My Mother Jones coworkers and I have started a communal lunch tradition: called salad club, it’s based on the premise that everyone has something to share in their fridge that will go well on a salad, so why not compile our tidbits and make masterfully creative (and cheap) salads everyday at work. Especially popular ingredients have included figs, homegrown tomatoes, homemade goat cheese, and anything cut with our club mandolin. Since its inception about a month ago, the plan has been working great. So great, in fact, we (being digital journalists) decided it needed a blog. Behold,


One comment on “Office Salad Club

  1. Seth Schy says:


    Office salad club sounds like a tossed up bunch of fun! What better to do with the “garbage” in our fridge than toss it on a salad and in doing so expand the notion of culinary correctness. Kudos to you and your initiative and you creative co-workers!

    Oddly enough, this reminds me of the times at school (I’m a teacher now), when I open the faculty fridge and am greeted by an array of non-home made brownies, fig newtons, cheese that is questionably from an animal (maybe it’s cashew cheese), Frito-Lay products (God knows why they are in the fridge) as well as an assortment of sugared/artificially sweetened beverages, at which point I begin to employ my own culinary mastermind to create things such as cheese-sprinkled-brownies, soda mixed with fig newtons, and all sorts of other foodie type things, which quite frankly, have educated my pallet in ways FAR beyond those from Bourgeois restaurants.

    In any case, it’s GREAT to have stumbled upon your blog, and I hope all is going well in the adventurous world of digital journalism.

    Keep on Jonesin’

    Seth Schy

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