Minimal Space: The Twitter Chef

Behold, the anti-blog. Maureen Evans takes recipes and condenses them to fit Twitter’s 140 word limit. Her recipes resemble riddles at first, but after a moment’s observation they are relatively easy to decode.

The exercise in brevity reminds me of creative writing exercises we did in workshops. The teacher would force us to shrink our precious paragraphs into a couple of sentences. The result? Most of the time I would realize how little I was saying to begin with. Shrinking does not always mean decreasing in value, and in Evan’s case it appears she’s packed a whole lot of content into just a few lines. It takes ingenuity to convey meaning without taking up a lot of leg room. Maybe Twitter isn’t so redundant after all…

Check out her recipe posts on Twitter or by reading Take 1 Recipe, Reduce, Mince, Serve in The New York Times.


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