Seven Ways with Oats


From Powerhousemuseum on Flickr

Grose Valley from Breakfast Point, Blackheath

Many recipes will find themselves on the pages of this blog. But I must first pay homage to a simple, somewhat bland little grain that inspired not only the title of this blog but is nestled into the very etymology of my last name: Oats. 


Oatmeal wakes me almost daily. The thought of its warmth and texture literally pulls me out of bed. Besides being healthy, easy to digest, and filling, Oatmeal is just so damn versatile. I stick with whole oats, because I find quick-cook or instant oatmeal drizzly and unsatisfying. Steel-cut oatmeal is also delicious, but requires a little more prep time. Here are seven ways to enjoy oats:

  1. The Classic: Mix raisins in while the oatmeal is still cooking, and add a dash of cinnamon when you spoon it into your bowl. Finish with some milk or soymilk and maple syrup.
  2. Chai Oatmeal: Cook with cardamom and bits of crystallized ginger, best with maple syrup or honey and cut up almonds or pecans, also good with sliced dried apricot
  3. Cocobanana: Mix in dried shredded coconut, sliced banana, cardamom, flax seeds, and sliced almonds
  4. Smoothie: Frozen or fresh strawberries, orange juice concentrate, blueberries (this is kudos to Noelle Bullion)
  5. Fig Oatman: Spoonful of fig jam, walnuts, flax seeds. 
  6. Chocolate Chips and bananas make a good birthday oatmeal. Like an oatmeal chocolate cookie!
  7. Savory Oats: Mark Bittman recently raved about soy sauce and scallions on his oatmeal in a Minimalist (for the New York Times) post: Your Morning Pizza

Feel free to post more oatmeal ideas here as a comment to this post.


2 comments on “Seven Ways with Oats

  1. Noelle B says:

    Moatdazzle, don’t forget crazy oatmeal. 1st of the month, every month.
    One sample:

    Gingerbread Oatmeal

    Ginger (finely diced fresh, or powder)
    Cardamom (dash)
    Cloves (dash)
    Brown Sugar

    Mix it all in to taste in le oatmeal. Enjoy!!!!

  2. cate says:

    Power-Packed-Punch (best when you know you won’t eat again til dinner… or when backpacking):

    Peanut butter
    optional- raisins to give an ants on a log feel

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